My week{phone edition}

If you follow me on instagram then you get to see inside my life pretty much daily. if not then you should be. I keep going back and forth should i keep it private or open it up.  I mean my life is already out there with this blog.  Its a toss up. Anyway, here are a few pics that i may or may not have already posted on instagram.

1. Camden is the sweetest/turdest little boy right now. 
he'll bring me all sorts of things while i'm trying to work and then he'll want something run over point then throw a huge tantrum.  Its an emotional time for this little guy as he tries to figure it all out. 

2.  Picking up Evelyn from school is one of Cams least favorite things to do. 
The center console of my van busted so no music in my van.  I'm going slightly insane, and Cam is not happy he doesn't have any tunes to rock out to anymore during pick up.

3.  I was at my favorite thrift store and i found a crimper!  I was just talking about it with some peeps and i just happen to find one the next week it is awesome. I stopped after about 30 minutes of doing my hair, cause my arms were so dead.  It is quite the work out! I got the top done though. I had forgotten how incredibly cool crimped hair was. :) I crimped the girls hair and they are fans! I'm bringing it back baby! 

4.  My blog business cards came in!! I designed them myself.  I wanted something simple, fun, and eye catching.  I decided to get some cause at the events i've been to, people are all swapping cards, and i'm like DOY! network girl! So im going to.  I think i'm going to leave my cards with special treat around town in the next week, or maybe on my birthday. I'll update ya and let you know what i decided, but how fun would that be! 

5.  I'm one that normally wears a lot of non colored clothing. Things i like just seem to come in black or darker colors.  Anyway, East Valley Moms had our contributor picture meeting a couple days ago, and they said to coordinate with the color theme of the blog, mint green & coral.  I was like, uhhhh, so i'm just gonna go and buy some stuff then. I'm trying my best to try just a smidgen more, but you know me, I'm a stretchy pants & stained t-shirts for life kinda girl. 
I'm super excited to see how everyone's pictures turned out! YAY! 


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