Second birthday

My mothering heart is in denial that my sweet little baby is now 2.

If you'd like to reminisce on this day with me you can read about his birth story HERE

How do they grow so fast!? It's just crazy! I blinked too many times and the time just flew by! 

Oh my Camden man.
He is super sweet & helpful, loves to cuddle, and loves his sisters so much.  
He's loves to jump off things, climb everything, throw sticks, make messes, get dirty. 
He doesn't like being naked, so thankful for this, BUT hates getting his clothes changed.  Once he's wearing a shirt he wants to wear it all day everyday. Silly, stinky boy.  
He plays pretend, plays videos games with dad.  His personality is just so funny. He's a natural comedian and he barley talks. That's talent. 

We love our Camden Lyle. 

Happy Birthday buddy
We are so lucky to have you in our family.  


  1. HOW and WHYYYYYY do they grow so fast?! Happy birthday Camden!!

    1. Its so unfair they can't be babies forever.


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