Hey Mommy Style Monday. "Water" You Up To?

Hello to all!
Its Monday and I am joining in on mommy style Monday again with some rock star moms in the blogasphere!

This time around its all water day!

I've written the book on the perfect places to have a water day, but I confess, I hardly ever take my kids to pools or splash pads. Whoops!

Yes, it the perfect escape from the dreaded heat, but I guess my excuse is my little guy.  Its hard to go to places outside where he can be over heated quickly.  I've tried many times to go to the splash pad not to far from my house, but it just hasn't worked out yet.  I'm determined to go at least once before they close for the season.

We do outside water play around here. Running through sprinklers, water on the trampoline and making mud pies.

Even though its at home we still make sure we have everything we need to make it a fun time.

Sunscreen, water, towels, sunglasses, and of course the most favorite part of water days, otterpops.  

Since we don't leave the house often to cool off I get the luxury of sporting my mom uniform while we play.  On occasion, if I'm getting all in, I'll wear my swim suit but for the most part its baggy tees with leggings.  The ultimate in comfortable play.

But lets be real, I'd wear this out in public too. Just not to Target, I've got a rep to protect.

Little brother is still unsure about the whole water, outside, nature thing, but he's coming around. 

Big brother though is happy to take on any water day duties for both of them. 

**sisters were at school so they missed out of the epic photo shoots ** no water day actually happened in the name of these pictures ** i'll be having a water day today to make it up to Camden for not letting him play in water when i asked him to model in his swimsuit ** #worldsokayestmom **

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  1. A water day with sprinklers sounds perfect, and in the comfort of your own home! I can't wait until my boy is old enough for that!

    1. Its so nice letting them befree to roam and explore in the water.

  2. Ha ha! I didn't do a water day either for my pictures... my baby seemed a little confused. We're doing pretty good at this mom blogger thing I think ;). Also, OTTER POPS!! The sustenance of summer.

    1. I love a good staging for a blog post. ;)

  3. Sprinklers totally count! And I am usually fully clothed when I take my kids to the beach...

    1. I love having layers people think I'm nuts. Glad I'm not alone

  4. Sprinklers totally count! I miss running through the sprinklers. Such a fun idea of including Otter Pops with pool days.

    1. Ottepops are like the official summer slogan at my house. We consume way too many though. They are addicting. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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