What's Up Wednesday

I've decided to get my brain juices working more often (you can only sit and watch netflix for so many hours in a day) so I'm gonna start my own little blog series.

Wednesday is the day were you realized you've survived half the week, but you also have half left till the weekend.

Its an odd feeling day.

So every Wednesday (okay honestly most likely every other Wednesday)  I'm going to post something to get us through the week.  It could be a new recipe I've tried, a funny story I heard or maybe some silly pictures to get you through.

So I though I'd start out this first Whats Up Wednesday with some of my favorite Buzzfeed articles.

I love a good Buzzfeed post and I've had quite a few recently that I've enjoyed.

  • Who's on snapchat? No one? Well you should. I'm airkaka87 if you want to follow. :) Any who if you're a mom and have snap chat you've more than likely done 100% of these...I know I have. 

16 Insanely Accurate Snapchats All Moms Are Guilty Of Posting

  • Okay so who else has an obsessed household of Star Wars super fans? Just the other day Chris and I were talking about a theory about Rey, cause seriously WHO IS SHE??!?!?! I came across this fan theory about who she is and I'm like....I don't know but maybe? 

What do you think?? All I know is episode 8 needs to hurry up!!

  • And finally, this mom is basically a genius and my hero!  I love Target.  Its my sanctuary.  Can I have my 30th birthday party at Target?  

Well there you have it.  A little something for your Wednesday.  

What are some Buzzfeed stories you've found and liked this week?? I wanna know!! Share a link! 


  1. Oh I love snapchat! I'm townsendhouse1 - but I wish there was an easier way to search and add people :-) Will definitely follow!

  2. Ha! I'd love to have my birthday at Target too. I'm not on Snapchat yet. I've been putting it off, but when I finally take the plunge, I'll follow you.

  3. Happy Wednesday! Love the idea about something fun to get us through the week!

  4. A birthday at target would be awesome! I wonder if they have birthday registries too?! 🤔


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