preschool party


yesterday was a fun morning. Evelyn had her preschool halloween party.

the three of us (evelyn, amelia, and myself) dressed up and went to party.

evelyn is so excited to be a cat this year. yeah thats right she totally changed her mind on the whole spongebob thing and wanted to be a cat. i wouldn't be surprised if she ended up being a cat for many halloweens. she's been a little cat crazy as of late.


i was one of two moms that dressed up. i'd say there were at least 15 moms there with the kids oh and a few dads there too. hahaha. it was fun. people kept looking at me, i wonder why? hmmm.

 my little Dorthy and my cat
(she wouldn't stop touching amelia with her tail, she had way too much fun with it!)
 sweet mia, she wouldn't wear a brown wig. oh well still cute.
 her whiskers and nose were gone by the end of the party.

yes i went as a purple cow.
what do you think when someone says purple cow?
i think of a yummy grape float.
thats what we call those.

 they did a little parade around the yard.
it was cute.

decorating cookies.

and eating decorated cookies. :)
they had alot of fun
playing with the other kids
making paper pumpkins
decorating cookies
and they each got a goodie bag with treats.
i'll have pics from tick or treating tomorrow.
hopefully it goes over well.


  1. HaPPy HaLLoween! Love all the costumes! haha purple cow nice! I'm glad the kids had fun, hopefully we see you guys tonight :)

  2. You're HYSTERICAL!

    I love your costume!

    SO MUCH!!!

    BTW: I have said it a MILLION times... Your daughters are beautiful. You are truly blessed!

  3. Cute costumes, yours and the girls!

    This post totally gave me inspiration on what I am going to be next year too... .

  4. I love the costumes! So cute. I also love your daughters' names.


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