adventures in training

its a christmas miracle!

im not sure what really brought it on, or when she decided to grow up overnight but Amelia has decided that it is time for her to use the big girl potty.

yeah i guess training her i really need the hands off approach cause she just does it on her own.

its kinda nice, but I wasn't the one ready yet. i feel bad but i just don't have the energy to keep up with her and help her like i should. it will probably take as much time as evelyn took (a whole year of training evelyn, nightmare!) so i shouldn't worry too much.

this is pretty much what's been going down at our house as of monday when she decided to start. so i guess we are on day 3.

amelia has requested if she can take her pillow with her so she can lay down on the potty. yeah sorry that is not gonna fly sweetie.

it wouldn't be a potty post with out a potty picture. hahaha.


  1. Potty Post! Potty Post!

    Congrats on a Potty Training Kiddo!

    My favorite part was towards the end of the potty training, when I was trying to explain wiping #2... that sometimes ONCE isn't enough..

    Weirdest convo to have with your kid... EVER

  2. some conversations with kids are pretty hilarious to think about for sure! hahaha.

  3. YAY FOR MIA!!! She is such a cutie ;) Can she PLEASE teach Rigden!! Please! Haha.

  4. thats awesome. my toddller was very easy! she does not even sleep with a diaper/pull ups and she's 2.5 which i think is pretty good... she literally trained herself once she understood what she had to do, she'd just run for the toilet. she never used a potty either, i think they freaked her out haha i bet my baby will be a different story haha


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