it's only a DAY away!

remember when my mom, sisters, and i took that little trip to cali three months ago. yeah. the episode of lets make a deal we went to the taping of is airing TOMORROW! about time right?

so check when let's make a deal is airing in your neck of the woods and watch it! woot! in Arizona it's at 2pm on channel 5! our family loves to see ourselves on tv. we have issues. haha. i'm hoping you'll be able to spot our group!

we are sitting by the piano man! just look for the unicorn horn sticking up and you've got us! glad i had a horn, it should be easier to point us out! yay! good thinking, erica, good thinking. hahaha.

i'll remind you all again tomorrow! :)


  1. YAYYY unicorns!! And being on tv!!! You are awesome!

  2. Oh that's just fantastic! Boo-yah!


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