catching up

chris was able to put the camera program on my computer! yay! so i have pictures today!
first off amelias birthday.

 amelia had a great birthday!
she loved all the presents that she got!
she got candy from her cousins hanna, tillman, easton & brinlee.
unicorn ponies from rylee & rigden
new clothes from papa & grandma crandell
a mini turtle pillow pet from uncle taylor
& a magna doodle from us.

she loves everything that she got!
thank you for the fun gifts!

for your enjoyment a little video of her blowing out the candles.
keep an eye on evelyns face.
we haven't figured out why yet, but she just doesn't seem to like the happy birthday song or candles i guess.



  1. YAy! I'm glad you got the camera thing figured out! Hahaha Evelyn...why does she get mad so funny/cute!

    p.s. I know you played with the unicorn ponies too ;)

  2. These are such cute pictures!


  3. CUTE!! glad u got the camera working :)


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