Oranament Swap

So it's the 20th yay!
First off a Happy Birthday to my nephew Tillman. I can not even believe he is 10! holy smokes! blows my mind!
i participated in an ornament swap this year.
with the ever so lovely Autumn.
Seriously, i love this girl.
my first one in fact, yeah nervous as all get out.
i was given a name and was supposed to make a hand made ornament and send it to them.
i'm not the craftiest person so i was really nervous.
but i got it done and sent off ON TIME and i'm hoping she likes it.
well now on to what was sent to me.
i will be honest here.
i opened it up and a cried.
i am so excited about the ornaments that i got.
yes ornaments.
5 in fact.
one for each of my family.
i thought it was so sweet for her to include little camden.
thank you to Alacia!
they'll be at the top of the tree so they don't get attacked by the kids and ruined. i would just die if they did!
check out Alacia at her blog Hoodwinked!
after looking at them i realized we didn't stray too far in the Alphabet with our names. haha.
Have an amazing day folks!


  1. The funny thing, is at first I thought she was spelling out the word, "Peace." But then I couldn't find a "P" and was wondering why there was an extra "C" and then figured it out. Haha! Those are really sweet though. :)

  2. CUTEST ornaments! you have 2 "C" names, 2 "E" names but only one "A" name......you might have to have another cutie after this one! haha I'm kidding :)

  3. Sorry I'm such a slowpoke! I *love* the ornament you made for me and really appreciate the thought, effort, and time you put into it. Have a merry Christmas! :)


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