santa clause is coming to town

i totally forgot about seeing santa this year.
we went last friday.
yeah that was a pretty busy day.
the girls were so excited
they couldn't wait to see him
until it was our turn.
at least for amelia.
its almost our turn! mia was dancing on the floor and evelyn was hugging the nutcracker (slightly inappropriate and hilarious)

 then this happened.
not a big fan this year. hahaha.
evelyn asked santa for a reindeer toy for christmas.
any idea where santa might find one of those??
mia just cried in his face.
I'll be spending these last few days before baking.
cookies and cinnamon rolls.
wish me luck.
a lot of late nights.

i hope everyone has a wonderful day and a happy weekend!
Its almost christmas!


  1. Oh man!!! I'm sure that's what my kid would do so we've never been to see Santa! I know, I know. I can't believe you braved Bass Pro on a Friday!!!

  2. LOL Amelia's crying face is too cute!

  3. I cried in every Santa photo.

  4. i love it!! and those are real reindeer? like mouted ones?? thats awesome!! u wud NEVER see that here... vancouver ppl wud have a hissy fit lol


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