technical difficulties

oh so you thought you'd be seeing some really fun pictures of Amelia birthday festivities this week. yeah, i thought so too. i had everything ready to go, but it turns out my camera is i guess too cool for the software i already have on my laptop and won't load any pics.

so why don't you just load the new program then!? what are you nuts!?

yeah it ain't that simple folks. see my computer has literally been to h-e-double hockey sticks and back, multiple times. a few water episodes, keys ripped off, spilled soda, dropped. i'm surprised it's still is alive really. so the DVD drive thingy to put CD's in doesn't open, and if i happen to jimmy it open, some how(butter knife), it doesn't even close.  so there are some issues getting a CD in to load a new program. ::facepalm:: DOH!

so i have to get my hubs to either figure out a way to get the program on here or have him load it onto his man cave computer and just have him email me all the pics that i want to use. i'd love to have option A happen, but probably wont. yeah again ::facepalm::

i'm hoping tonight he can work on that and we can get some glorious pictures up for you!


i do have something for your amusement! my sisters baby shower was last weekend and she had a photo booth and took pictures of most of the peeps that came. my sisters and i while the party was going on were in the other room having some fun taking some goofball pictures of ourselve. My sister made a little site for people to see them.

so have a looksie! you'll know which ones i'm talking about. :)

it was a good time had by all. weeeeeee!

have a super awesome weekend!

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  1. I assume your computer has internet access, go download a trail of lightroom from adobe photoshop. You sud b able to get the photos off ur camera on to ur laptop, then you can edit them as well. I assume the camera has a memory card you can take out? If so forget plugging in the camera and insert that memory card to get ur photos. Kay hope im not totally annoying with advice but emailing photos cud get annoying if i was you haha!


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