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i've been a member of baby center since i was pregnant with evelyn, so awhile i guess.  they send me weekly things about milestones, behavior issues, safety, etc. and all that jazz. 

i love the title of the emails they send. my personal favorite was for i think it was amelia. "is your child normal?" haha thanks baby center for making me think my child is a freak!

anywho, i occasionally read through them, and yes i get some great tips and keeps myself educated on how to help my children.

since my baby is now 26th months i looked though what milestones she should have reached by now.


  • Point to an object that you name. [check]
  • Recognize the names of familiar people, objects, and body parts. [check]
  • Use short phrases and two- to four-word sentences. [check]
  • Follow simple instructions. [check]
  • Repeat words he overhears. [check]
  • Find an object even if you hide it under two or three blankets. [check]
  • Sort objects by shape or color. [half check]
  • Play make-believe. [check]

  • the only thing she is kind of lacking is the shapes and colors things. she does organize things but not by that.  it's hard to teach her those things when your 4 year old pipes in every time and trys to show off her skills.

    "yes evelyn, i know you know these things but i am trying to teach sister them."

    yeah that gets said alot around here.

    anywho, i hadn't said anything about my kids really in a while so i thought i would talk about the small one today.  :)

    my favorite picture of this one.
    happy friday ya'll.

    i'm so flippin glad it's here cause i'm not babysitting any kids today!

    it has been a very VERY long week.

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    1. very cute!

      Big Sis is trying to HELP Lil Sis.
      See if she can "teach" her how to sort. It'll let her feel involved, and you can teach her how to lead a group activity...

      Leader of America in the MAKING!

      <3 u


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