non day

happy non existence day 3 out of 4 years!!

how to celebrate.

Chris and i were joking around this morning that today is the only day i can boss him around...or was is not boss him around.

it was early and i was in and out at that point.
so the conversation is a little hazy.

i for one would love to celebrate this non day with one of these bad boys....

oh goodness is it ever worth the weight!

so freakin delish.


irish mint & chocolate

blackberries, strawberries, kiwi, & raspberries


the best part i the next one i get is free,

i frequent them often and have filled my card. yes!

have a great day folk!

make sure you come back tomorrow!!

some awesome things are going on and i'm telling you all about it!

do not miss out!

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