mission complete

well we did it folks.

we got to the edge of the cliff and jumped.

we bought a mini van. oh goodness. i've named it Vana and she is a....

it ain't no toyota, it's cooler.  05' dodge caravan. it's pretty pimp if you ask me. 

I've entered into a new realm of motherhood.

next here comes recitals, lessons, play dates, school.  okay, most of that won't happen, but I'm just saying it could, but I'm not planning on going many places.

i honestly don't know how to have a vehicle.  I'm so used to being home that i will probably get over whelmed with just the thought that i could go somewhere if needed.

it's weird. i keep looking outside...yep, it's still there, nope not a dream.

oh and we did not know that it had some sort of alarm.

we don't have a clicker thing to get in the car so you do it old fashion way. put the key in and open the driver side door.  well i did that, hop in and it starts honking. uhhhh, i go into crazy mode, did i turn the key the wrong direction? did i accidentally hit something and turn something on? they never said it had an alarm! i'm looking around to see if there is a way to turn in off, not that i can see.  so i thought, meh, i'll just put the key in to start it up that should shut it up. it did. i'm not sure how to keep it from doing this. it didn't do it ever when we were testing it or driving it around that morning. hmmm. i wonder if they even knew. who knows all i know is i need that thing out pronto!  it's so flippin annoying. ugh. oh well.

oh and mia had a full fledged freak out(i've never heard her scream that loud before) when we tried to get her to go home in the van. it was the only option. she was not a happy camper and screamed most of the way home until she fell asleep.

oh children, such joys.  it's a big adjustment for all of us for sure. it will take some time to get used to it. like trying to drive at night. i haven't driven a vehicle with dark tint at night in for EVER it was weird. or maybe the tint is just darker, i don't know but i'll get used to it soon. i hope.

-peace, love, and rockin mini vans.


  1. Ah so exciting Erica!!! So happy for you and your new freedom!

  2. You'll get used to it soon and then be so grateful- you won't have to plan ahead so much to get things done! And, you can be spontaneous!! Mia just loves her little red Malibu... aw. She'll get used to the van soon!


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