fun squared

i'm not sure whats going on...i'm having such a hard time finishing posts around here.

i'll start one, never finish, then go back to it and delete it. it has been never ending cycle of lame squared.

sorry about that.

nobody likes a lame squared.  i promise more fun squared around these parts from now on.

cross my heart. i do not hope to die, and i will not stick a needle in my eye, but i promise. :)

so on the agenda this week- more work outs. woot!

i started last week on a boot camp with this guy

i know you know him.

yep billy blanks.
and seriously billy tanks do coming it bigger sizes...

ahhh yes, that is much better.

so it is a system of videos with tae bo, resistance bands, crunches, you know all the good work out jazz.

and after a work out a pretty much look like this,

crazy eyes.

i'm excited for the next 3 weeks of work outs.

i'll end the day after my b-day.
yay, happy freakin birthday to me! :)

evelyn watched my do a work out the other day and later on i saw her doing some of the moves i was doing. what a cutie.

i'm surpisingly not sore at all, i'm not sure if that is a good sign or a bad sign. i'm usually sore, maybe i'm just getting stronger?

i can't believe i'm saying this but they are actually fun workouts. i get excited to do them....what is happening to me!?!!


wish me luck! have an awesome monday!!

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  1. Haha you are hilarious! That guy is very creepy! Ok so when you go out for your Bday we are your babysitters!!


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