i'm a cheater

yes i said that right. i will fess up on valentines day.

while others are gushing about love, happiness, and unicorns. i will come clean.

my peers, my confidants.

hello my name is erica,
and i am a cheater.

i hate the word but it's true. i'll be judged, out casted, maybe stoned.

but it will all be worth it. i don't care, this is who i am.

i will own this, and i certainly have.

my love and i reunited again, after what seemed like such a long time. it was blissful.

oh and did i mention a doctor too. yeah i know.

i cheated on my no soda people! come on. stop thinking terrible things about me. bahahaha.

sorry katie, i'm a failure.

it's zero points, i just can't turn that down!

have an amazing valentines day folk.

and remember.

"once a cheater always a cheater" & "we were on a break!"


  1. ...... I cheated on my diet yesterday.. Like HANDFULS AND HANDFULS of Jelly Cinnammon Candy Hearts....

    We were on an EXTENDED BREAK!

  2. NOOOOOO!!

    Haha I jest, of course. I don't blame you in the slightest. Enjoy your love affair! :)

  3. haha nice! Thanks again for watching the kiddos last night! Hope that wasn't the reason you cheated haha!

  4. I'm drinking a dr pepper at work :) Nothing will ever keep us apart.

  5. I had a soda over the weekend too! It was my first soda in a year, and sadly, it was delicious!


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