no way, yes way

Well folks it is February.

the month of luv. yes, luv, not love. say it right peeps.

first off, a big happy birthday to my adorable niece who is turning 6 today. can't wait to celebrate with her later today. it's going to be fun.

second, no fizz.  yes i'm joining and supporting miss katie in no fizz February. if you didn't catch that, no soda.

i had my final goodbye to my diet dp last night at dinner.  i'm not worried i've done this loads of times. i just need to stop going back, but alas i can not stay away.

this will help me with number three (even though diet sodas are zero points)

thirdly, did i mention that i started a coolio little program ( i did not pay or sign up for anything official, just the right formula and my handy phone app) called weight watchers. yeah i am. cool points over here. i have my competitive buddy doing it with me aka my seesta (she made me do it. kidding! she asked and i caved willingly).

i figured with all these ladies i know getting pregnant and getting huge why not i get smaller. bahahaha! mean, but true. still love ya friends, no hate. :)

i feel like i'm forgetting something...oh yeah that day my hubby and i don't celebrate till after its over, that's when all the sales are. spending the least amount possible is our kind of celebrating. (yes we are super lame, but we are thee coolest) :)

make it a great day!!


  1. I love that you dont celebrate til the sales. I stock up then for the next year, and hide it all away (minus the candy, even though it would probably still be good) with all the decorations!
    I also love that while everyones getting big, your slimmin' down. That is awesome! LOL!

  2. So excited for V-Day! We should do a babysitting exchange :)


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