nothing new

so one of my goals this year is to not by anything new.

for example our van, not new. still rad though.

so like clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. will not be new at all.

not including food, or does it? haha.

i love shopping at thrift stores. i seriously LOVE thrift stores. Chris made fun of me the other day because he noticed that i gave myself reminders on the calendar of when the 50% off days were at Goodwill. (it's funny when a regular price at a thrift store i will not pay, and it's already so freaking cheap, i am that cheap! i love it!) These are very important day's people, and i'm excited to go to a dollar day every once in awhile. woot.

okay so the point.  i was looking online at a wedding registry the a few weeks back on target.

then these puppies showed up some how on my screen...i don't even know, they were just seeking me out i guess.


of course since they are boots they are on clearance.

i am in a pickle!

what to do.

i mean i already failed at the whole no soda thing....arg.

don't worry these aren't the only kind of problems in my life, but wouldn't it be nice if all the problems we had were trying to figure out if we should by hot bow boots or not!?

oh that would be heaven.

there are plenty of other things that you'll probably hear an ear full about, and will probably offend most of the people i know...any way, i'm getting off topic.

should i? or shouldn't i?

pass or buy?


  1. How clearannces are we talking?
    Enough to justify them as being... NOT NEW...
    Anything above 50% off means it's SOOOO LASSTTT SEASSOOONNNN... and not new.

    Just helping.

    **EVIL GRIN**

    1. They are normally $30. So more than 50% off. And I guess your right they would be sooo late season. Haha!

  2. shouldn't haha! I would never be able to do that. I'm pretty thirty too but sometimes theres just those days when you need something new haha.


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