before the weekend.....update

How far along? 19 weeks-ish
Maternity clothes? comfy and cozy. still wearing regular shirts though. i don't buy maternity shirts. i don't see a point really.
Sleep:i love sleep. okay a little too much actually. i'm just so stinkin tired. this baby is really draining me.
Best moment this week: feeling the kicks and jabs a lot harder. can't wait till the girls can feel the baby too. :) 
Miss Anything? not being so tired.
Movement: oh yeah i'm a punching bag. right before i'm about to doze off too. great timing little peanut. :)
Food cravings: PIZZA!!! i have a serious pizza problem. i'm only craving my homemade pizza though so that's a good thing right, whole wheat crust. way better for me. riiiiiight.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not much anymore, except my stinky little toddler that won't use the potty.
Have you started to show yet: yes, i'm a proud baby belly shower offer.  
Gender prediction: we know! I promise you will all know this time come monday!! cross my heart!!!
Wedding rings on or off? On, and loose like usual.

Happy or Moody most of the time: this week i've been doing good. :) yay! keep it up hormones!
Looking forward to: telling everyone what we are having. seriously the stress of keeping this is giving me cold sores. I NEVER GET THEM! so you're welcome. hahahaha.

have a great weekend folks!!
i'll be resting at home with my family watching an amazing conference. :)


  1. I'm getting a cold sore too from the stress of not knowing what your having haha! Can't wait!!!!

  2. I always rationalize eating pizza if it's made with whole wheat! Especially when you are preggers...you really do need the whole grains and the calcium from the dairy, so enjoy ;)

  3. hey if you told us weeks ago then you would not have a cold sore... ggeezzzz

  4. Too bad I don't have a bebe to blame my crazy pizza cravings on. ;)

    AND I'm pretty sure I need to see your cute showing baby belly!! EEEEP!


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