flavor of the baby :)

if you are here reading this you are about to find out
as my dad said at some point "the flavor" of our baby.
let me start off by saying
something that i've seen with MANY of my friends
three boys, three girls
so knowing this of course i was nervous.
i love my girls yes, but i knew if it was another girl
i would punch my husband in the face.
but of course i didn't want to get my hopes up. 
i was expecting telling my family to take a little more time
but just so ya'll know
if you are going to write something on the bottom of a cupcake
use another paper liner other than white!
you can see right through it when you've finished eating your cupcake.
didn't expect that side effect.
oh well it was still pretty funny.
anywho i made cupcakes
pink and blue.
they were stinkin delicious if i might say so. :)
i wrote on the bottom of each one what we were having.
so basically what it ended up being
if you ate a cupcake you knew what we were having.
love surprises.
this one loved the cupcakes.
so what was on the bottom of those freakin delicious cupcakes???
yeah thats right rules of three STOPS right here!!
chris and i had a high five moment during the ultrasound
my doctor was like "yeah not really excited huh?"
it was pretty awesome.
We are so excited to have a little boy in our family!!
little Camden Lyle!
(we've had his name ready for him for almost 6 years!)
about time
so now you know. :)
worth the wait?
yeah, i think so too.


  1. So SO So excited for you guys! I seriously can't believe we are ALL having BOYS! It's going to be crazy fun!

    p.s. talk about perfect name I have always loved the name Camden too!

  2. Congratulations!! So happy for you. Little boys are so fun and I'm so glad you get to have one now.

  3. Congratulations! That is so exciting you'll have a little boy :)

  4. CONGRATS! That's so exciting! Boys are so much fun! :)

  5. YAAAAAHH!! Sooo exicted for you guys!! Congrats!!

  6. yay congrats on having a boy!! your two girls will have such a great time with their baby brother. i know my younger sister and i did when my mom finally had a boy, it was the best!

  7. Congrats! I was so pumped to have a boy. He's so much fun.

  8. YIPPEEEEEEE! You guys are going to have so much fun with your sweet little boy!! :D And the girls will be over the moon, I am sure. Love your take on the surprise cupcakes...so fun! AND I adore the name Camden!!!!

  9. yay for BOYS! Congrats, how fun for you little girls :)

    and what a great idea about the cupcakes-- a really cute way to reveal!

  10. Hooray!!!! That is so exciting!

  11. AAAAAHHH!!! How EXCITING! I'm so happy for you! What a fun change :)
    And now I REALLY want a cupcake, ha ha!


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