the year of candy

did y'all know that for the 6th wedding anniversary the traditional gift is CANDY! SCORE!
so i will be eating lots of candy with my hubby today. :)
Yes, today we are celebrating our 6th anniversary. yay to us. haha.
HERE is the story of how we met :) it's pretty awesome if i do say so myself. i am a little biased though. just a smidge.
HERE is the story of our first date. :) it was also pretty awesome.
now some lovey embarrassing and awkward photos of us since we met. :)
which i know you are most excited to witness.
first comes love
 go toros. woot. i graduated in 2005
then comes marriage
then comes more babies than you can handle and you end of looking like this after 6 years.

i love being married to this guy.
he makes life so much fun.
Happy anniversary love!!


  1. HaPPy 6 Years! Yay for Candy! Haha :)

  2. Oh yay! Happy 6 years! We got engaged on this day 7 years ago. :)

  3. My lil brother keeps getting better looking the older he gets haha!!! And you are as ute as ever! Who would think #3 is on the way?!?!

  4. *cute, not ute. Sheesh

  5. awe congrats! you guys look very happy together!

  6. You guys are adorable!! Love looking back on your love story. :) Happy Anniversary!!


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