Maternity photos

i've been thinking that maybe i'll do some maternity photos, but i don't know. i'm not sure if i want to remember me being all round and stuff. i've seen some wonderful maternity shoots done, momma looks so beautiful, but i know i wouldn't look as good unless some serious editing is going on. hahaha.

anywho the point.

there is a right way to do a maternity shoot, and there is a wrong way to do a maternity shoot.

oh pinterest. brings me many joys, and i came across a site that had the 50 most awkward pregnancy portraits ever.

i am seriously wondering about the mental stability of these people.

here are just a couple, but seriously you need to see all of them!

i've seen some of them before. a few on awkward family photos.

i categorize these as pictures that should NEVER EVER exist!
but for my amusement i'm glad they do.

(i've given each on a title for you to enjoy. if you have one let me know!)

"poopin out a baby"

"gitty up"

"breakfast of champions?"

"peek a boo!"

"a natural birth"

i'm also questioning the photographers.
"oh yeah just like that, you are GLOWING! beautiful!"


  1. Oh man I'm looking at these while eating lunch haha! That one the horse....geeze! So so funny!

    p.s. and yes you should defiantly defiantly do maternity pictures!!!

  2. OMG...I.Am.Dying. I totally blame the photographers. Even if the people were dumb, I wouldn't put my name on them! Too funny.

  3. ohmyyuck. Those photos totally gross me out! And I don't mean to sound totally mean, but I HATE maternity pics that show bare belly. For some reason that totally just grosses me out. Not that a a bare baby belly is gross...I just don't know why you would want a picture of it to hang in your house, you know!? I'm a fan of the more tasteful (clothed) photos. ;) I bet you will be BEAUTIFUL in yours...nothing like these wacky ladies. ;)

  4. Hahahaha!! Ohmylanta these pictures are horrible! Why would anyone want their maternity picture portrayed that way??
    I've been debating maternity pictures... I see my friends and bloggers getting them done and they always look AMAZING! But I'm thinking that I'd rather spend the $$ on baby necessities (which I still need just about everything, AH!) and get family pictures when she's here. I just can't justify spending the money on pictures until she actually shows her little face :) ha!


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