busy busy weekend.

i actually did quite a few things this past weekend.

me doing something!! i know i'm stepping it up. haha.


i went to lunch with of couple of my friends. Brooke and Deena. We don't get together often but it's always so much fun!

on my way.
 don't worry i was actually excited.
the other pic i took a looked like quasi.

we ate at California Pizza Kitchen. it was DEVINE! y'all know how much i'm loving pizza right now. yeah loved it! i started out with this avocado chip appetizer thing.  it was good, but the corn in it was a bit too sweet but still tasty.
i got the Works pizza, oh my heavenly.

i invited my SIL Amy to a little demonstration of this new Graco Car seat. it's actually pretty flipping amazing, but cha-ching a bit of a chunk of change, but in the long run worth the price i think since the kid would use the seat all the way till 2 years old.
the best part they were giving one away! guess who won that bad boy!
yep my SIL totally got herself a sick new car seat! So flippin excited for her!! YAY AMY!!

After all that awesome winning.
I took Evelyn and her kitty cat to my cousin Sarah's wedding that night.
Evelyn was so excited to go to her first wedding and the whole time kept telling me that she wished she could be married. I told her not till she is at least 18. she was sad it is so far away. cutie!
anywho the kitty cat. it was her plus one guest. she had so much fun taking pictures of her cat at the wedding. i let her take the pics and have a good time and i have about 15 cat pics on my phone, plus a few videos too.
here are a few shots of my cousin's wedding. :) all by evelyn.

my studly younger brother
with his glasses on i told him he looked like Jef with one F!
it was a really nice wedding and are so excited for Sarah!
oh and a reader asked for a belly pic. i caved ugh. i guess i love y'all that much. hahaha.
check out my glorious big belly. yep i'm a proud momma with that one. me at 21 weeks and i guess a couple of days. i'm not paying close attention. oops. :)

not the best pic, but it will do. :)
I hope everyone had a great weekend!!
what did you do??


  1. Pretty lady! I love the first photo and the one Evelyn took of you.

    I really want pizza right now!

  2. haha yes this weekend was super busy! Thank you for having me tag along to the car seat thing....yeah baby!!! And I didn't know Evelyn brought her kitty to the wedding haha :)

  3. Well... Technically my wedding was her first wedding!! :-). So now she's been to two! Lucky girl!

  4. Fun post! The kitty pictures made me laugh. Audrey has a beanie dog she likes a lot. She doesn't carry it much anymore now that she's in school, but she has to sleep with her every night. The best part is it's name is Detta. I have no idea.

  5. that pizza looks so yumiiii.a nd hey i liek your blog. what do you think about following each other?

  6. yay for bump photos, yours is cute :)

    and you sure did have a busy weekend. lunch with friends at cpk sounds fun, and your sil is one lucky girl!


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