follow me elsewhere.

if you've noticed i have a serious issue with the lack of posting pictures on here.

i'm a slacker. i am sorry.

i know pictures make a post and my posts are lacking with out them. sad.

well if you have an instagram account follow me! my username is airkaka

i don't have a regular camera. i can't even remember where it is at, and it dies the second i put new batteries in it anyway.so my phone is where the goodies are at!!

anyone else just start singing that song...goodies. no just me and my twisted mind. cool.

i know it's a weird username. i think it's funny to say cause i just made you say kaka. hahaha. im a child. a friend of mine spelt my name airka one time in highschool and i thought it was funny, and thats the story. thanks for asking. :)

oh and i just signed up for this thing called twitter....? i feel like a dinosaur, it's confusing to me. i pretty much just tweet about giveaways i find right now. so if you want to know what to win follow me. i'll eventually understand it and write other things i'm sure. @airkaka87.

so those are other places you can find little ol' me.

if you have an instagram account, twitter, or both i'd love to follow you!! the more the merrier!! weeeee.


  1. Girl, I joined Twitter a year ago and still don't understand it!

  2. You are stinkin' adorable! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you'd take a moment to check out my blog. Read it and follow it if you like what you read!



  3. Twitter is MAJOR confusing...I feel ya! & you had me laughing over kaka. ;) New follower of le blog....can't wait to read more! I like your sense of humor! :D


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