so got back from a super jam packed weekend.
4am- leave for cali
11:30ish- get to hotel and get ready as quickly as possible
(btw they didn't have a room for us so we got dressed/ready in the lobby bathroom)
12:30ish- get to ellen parking lot and wait to go in
(last year i was #50 woot! go half! didn't think about later that i got my age. haha. nice)
my phone died after this point lame. it seems to be having battery issues, probably from me dropping it all the time. OOPS!
ellen show was totally awesome AGAIN!!
we sat in the exact same spot as last year.
yeah we be cool like that.

we got the phillip phillips cd and it's pretty good.
i didn't watch american idol so i wasn't really sure who he was.
4:30ish-get out of ellen, and try to escape from packed parking lot to make it to hollywood to go to the Jimmy Kimmel show
5:30ish- finally get to hollywood, park, walk across street, wait in long line at jimmy and were one of the last few people to get in!
we had some great seats too.
it's smaller in person, at least i thought so.
the guests were one of my favorite Jimmy Kimmel guests ever
Terry Bradshaw!
this guy is so flippin hilarious and just cracks me up!
then Dave Matthews was there and then did an outdoor concert.
we didn't stay for the concert we were ready to go and were so tired.
9ish- got back to hotel ate some dinner finally!! PIZZA YUM!!
the hit the sack! we were all super tired!
i wish i knew how to sleep.
children have taught me how not too.
woke up at 6.
after everyone else woke up we started getting ready for the next show, lets make a deal.
i ended up coming up with my costume and making it the day before we left and i thought it turned out pretty good.
total: 2 bucks to whip it together. haha. score! love cheap!
i ended up deciding to be a unicorn.
my sister was able to get my hair to look like a horses mane. yeeehaw. hahaha.
i forgot to take a picture of my whole outfit. ooops. haha
but if you go to this LINK they put up pictures of the groups/peeps that went and took pics.
i guess if you want you could buy a picture too. haha.
any who it was fun and all around a great time.
we sat right behind the piano man cat grey
 (i think that's how you spell it. i can't be certain)
so fingers crossed we'll be in a shot, cause they show him every once in awhile on the show. on occasion, right?
the episode is airing sometime in december.
i'll let ya'll know when i know for sure.
after the show, changed, then walked the less that 100 feet from our hotel to BJ's! oh how freakin delicious that place is!
we were all starving cause he missed lunch from being at the show.
so we filled out bellies with yummy food then crashed again once we got back.
was a pretty chill day that i pretty much dedicated to taking pictures of the food i ate.
my sisters went on a Hollywood stars home tour
my mom and i walked downtown Burbank and then ate lunch at this amazing pizza place called ZPIZZA!!
have i mentioned that i LOVE pizza, and this was the best ever!

so good.
my mom and i ate this entire large pizza
with out even it phasing us. haha.
we didn't get much of breakfast so we were hungry.
after deliciousness
my mom had to fly home so she left around 2 and i got to watch CABLE TELEVISION for a good 2 hours with out any interruptions!
 it was great i caught up mostly on the Kardashians.
 how i miss that show dearly. :)
later that night after the star tour yayhoos got back we went to Universal City walk and well, walked around, did some shopping oh and ate food.

yummy Johnny Rockets onion rings and fries hit the SPOT! YUM!
then some freakin delicious frozen yogurt to end the night.

drove home.
came home to a clean home!
thank you sweet loving husband.
you are the best. :)
it was a super fun weekend
lots of laughing, dancing, and eating
this is sufficiently long enough so i think i'll stop now.
i hope you enjoyed my recap of events.
i was totally going to do another vlog, but eh, just far to much to cover and i clearly can get chatting and keep going on forever!


  1. hahahaha your familiy is freakin awsome! Love the costumes!!

  2. Ah that was thee BEST trip ever! Your unicorn costume was seriously hilarious and perfect!

  3. Sounds like a blast! You know how to rock a vaca!


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