Fact:We own a lot of movies

Its Friday! I'm not really sure why I'm excited but i am.

I'm way behind on summer days post. I know you are all squirming in your swivel chairs waiting for the next edition.  It will be up soon, cross my heart, stick a thousand needles in my eye, promise.

Okay so here is a fact: my husbands and i love movies. We have close to 700 in our house at this very moment.  Pretty cool huh.  You may think we're crazy, and to that i say, yes you are absolutely right! We are crazy.

There has been one movie in particular that i have been waiting and waiting and waiting for, pretty vocally waiting for, especially on twitter. Yesterday at 6:30pm my husband very casually brings up that this movie is now available for pre-order.  I just starred at him and said
You knew about this and haven't ordered it yet! Do you even know me?!
 I was pretty dramatic about it, but seriously he wouldn't need to ask to get it and he knew that! After he realized the error in his ways he ordered the movie and i am on cloud nine! I've been waiting YEARS for the release of this movie!! YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah that's right. We are are Disney movie club members and its the best ever! We love Disney movies and want them all!!  So what magical Disney movie is coming to my door on October 13th?!



I know i have to wait a few months now to get it but just knowing i will finally have it makes me the happiest person ever right now! One more on the movies from our childhood to be crossed off the list.

Happy weekend to you folks!!

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