I really am old now

We were at my parents house last week and I was in the back room and there on the  dresser next to the old tube VCR-TV combo were home videos on video tapes.

I looked at each one and read what was written on the front of each one.

Summer trip 93', kindergarten program, kid news (sisters news program, PRICELESS footage!!), summer crap (another priceless short film made by my sisters), and other amazing memories on tapes.

Evelyn starts yelling for me to see where i was I told her "I'm just in the bedroom looking at video tapes of home movies from when i was a kid."  She says "oh" and then starts walking away, then slows down a tad, turns back to me and says with a confused look across her face "mom? what are video tapes?"

I'm pretty sure this is exactly what i looked like in that moment...

I was not expecting that, so i was taken off guard a bit.  I never even considered that my kids wouldn't know what a video tape was.  

After i picked up my jaw from the floor i showed her one of the movies, and then EV said "oh yeah, i know what this is, i just didn't know what they were called."  and she skipped away merrily to go play. 

My kids are growing up with blue ray, 3-D TVs, tablets, android, & super awesome advanced technology that i never would have dreamed up when i was a kid.  

They'll never know what its like to get an extra long curly phone cord so you can walk halfway across the house while still on the phone.  They won't know the feeling up not seeing said stretched cord across the house and tripping over it. They don't know to be kind and rewind, or that blowing into a game cartridge will magically fix the game. 

That was my childhood, i'd love for my kids to have the same, but i guess that's just not going to happen.  

It will be great when my kids are older and they'll have memories of all the old and outdated technology from their childhood and will be shocked when their kids have no idea what they are talking about. 

Circle of life y'all! 


  1. YUP!!!!!! I laughed at this because I lived the same thing

    1. lol! good times, good times. :)

  2. Don't say you're old, it makes me sad when young people say that! The same thing happened to me and my sister, who is only ten years younger than I am. You are young and fresh and beautiful.

    1. LOL, i know I'm young but i certainly feel aged. Thanks love, for saying I'm young, fresh & beautiful. :) Made my day.


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