Weekend in the woods

We packed up and headed out Friday morning.  Drove a couple hours north to my parents cabin in Heber.  This crosses off visit the cabin in the kids summer bucket list! YAY!

The kids and i haven't been since last September, so its been awhile.  It rained almost the whole time we were there but we had the doors open and the kids ran around the porch, and we enjoyed the fresh cold air.  When the rain stopped for about an hour it dried up a bit and we went on a little walk around the property and picked up the perfect painting rocks.

We drank hot chocolate, played rummikub, watched movies, colored, and just relaxed.  We noticed a break in the rain and wanted to go to an antique shop in town, so we got in the van and headed out and within minutes it started pouring, LOL, oh well.  We still went and basically had a heart attack every time the kids breathed on the antiques. So many beautiful things in this shop! I wanted a picture of the outside, but you know cameras in rain don't usually end well.

I always plan to take a ton of pictures then i get home and i'm like, DOH!  Here are a few pics we managed to take while we were there.

We attempted to take a family picture, it took a few tries before getting a 'that's the best one we'll get' shot.

Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

Attempt 3:

Money shot, attempt 4:

It rained, but we still had a great little getaway as a family. Until next time Heber house.


  1. What a beautiful, perfect weekend away! You're so lucky you have somewhere to escape and enjoy cooler weather!

    1. If you ever want to getaway i can give you the details of staying there. :)


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