Summer days{1}

First week of summer is over and we survived! Yay!  I'm starting a summer days series to recap what we've been up to each week.

We ended the week with our weekend in the woods family get a way.

During the week was spent playing, cleaning, & swimming.  We normally start swimming in the beginning of May.  We say that after my niece Rylee's birthday we can swim.  Well it has been so freakishly cool this summer so far the water hasn't had a chance to warm up so we hadn't been swimming yet.  Last week was the first time to swim at my parents this summer. It was still freezing!!  It started to rain a bit later that day.

What is happening?!?  I mean don't get my wrong i am happy for the cooler temps, but i would like to swim and have it be just a littler warmer for that.

Anyway, here are a few pics of the week.

Its nice having three minions running around. They volunteered to clean the dishes. Ev washed, Mia rinsed & Cam put away.  They noticed i took a pic and asked why, and i told them it had to be documented, there were being great helpers, Ev just rolled her eyes.

My squad.

We ended up staying and making a whole day of fun at my parents.  My sisters came over with their kids, and the cousins all played and had a great time.

My mom introduced my sister Kim and I to a card game called Canasta (not sure the spelling) my sil Amy knew the game but it's called Hand & Foot. It took a while for me to figure it out, there are like 100 rules to the game!  I will play again, so don't worry mom! OH and i found out that Chris knows the game? What? I guess some are more educated in complicated card games then i am.

See that bird in the picture above?  Well Kim and i were talking and the kids were playing outside and all of a sudden she looks behind me and was like "uhhhh, Cam is about to grab that bird?!" I turn right as he is just an inch away from picking up this bird!  It flew away and startled him pretty good.  It didn't go far and Cam just followed this bird around for a good 10 minutes, just walking in circles.  It was so funny, and the weirdest! Always an adventure for Cam. :)

Hope you make this a great week!!


  1. Awww birdie!!!!! It would have been interesting if the bird let Cam pick it up.

    And I love the picture of them cleaning dishes. What a wonderful moment - remind them of this come teen years (Am I Right?)

    Also - it's been too cold. Come on Summer - COME OUT AND PLAY!

    1. This bird was crazy and very entertaining!! I will definitely have to show them when they are teens and less willing to volunteer. :)

  2. Ha ha, oh dear! I am not looking forward to acclimating to Arizona! You all are crazy- we've been swimming since March since it is so stinking warm (and nope, our pool isn't heated, ha ha!) But I do find myself checking the weather each week and picking the hottest days to go to the pool... so maybe I'm acclimating already? Yikes!
    But seriously, I'm LOVING and appreciating the cooler weather soooo much!

    1. You're adjusting beautifully!! I prefer blazing fire heat when i swim, LOL then we swim either super early or at night. Just years of preference for me! Cooler weather = lower cooling bills= happy erica. :)


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