to dads

Fathers day was yesterday and we celebrated my husband with some gifts, homemade by the kids, and some bought.  We loved on him and made sure that he had a wonderful day.  I love my husband so much and am thankful he such a wonderful father to our children, but this post is about other dads.

I have some incredible men in my family. My dad, & my two brothers.

I'm lucky to have an older brother and a younger brother. I get to be the obnoxious younger sisters and the annoying older sister.  Its truly a blessing for me. 

Watching these two become dads has brought me so much joy i can't even understand it.  Their children love and adore them and they love and adore their children.  

They are truly wonderful men and dads and it makes my heart happy. 



I know they are great dads because they have the wonderful example of our dad.
He is beyond anything i could have ever dreamed of for a dad.  He's hardworking, honest, wise, funny, caring, giving and basically every good thing you can think of.

He is amazing, one of a kind, and i am so glad he's my dad.

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