duh winning

i feel like i've won the lottery today!  i seriously just rolled out of bed and it's already the greatest day ever!

-my children found some chocolate bars in the fridge for breakfast! hahaha  i come out and amelia is covered in chocolate. i ask evelyn is she found the candy in the fridge she just smiles and give me her logic of why they needed to eat them. "momma, two candy's, ::pointing to herself and amelia:: One, two! FOR US MOM!" i just laughed and they laughed with me. :]

-i got two blogger awards! uhhhh what! so cool. I got nominated from the ever so sweet Kateri Von Steal.  She always leaves me the greatest comments and i love reading her blog. you should read too its great.  I'll get a more detailed post with the awards a little later. :] so cool! thank you!

-i have my first guest post ever at my friend Darci's awesome blog Page Traveler Tales today! Check it out.  This week she is having a series of guest posts in honor of the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11.  It's such a wonderful idea! I can't wait to read everyone else wrote!

-only 4 more days till i leave for LA! woot woot! only 6 more days till the Ellen show!! i hope taylor Lautner is on our show. HAHAHA i would die!!! Can not wait! so excited!!


  1. Oh my gosh, you don't know who's gonna be on there? I hope it's cool people, cuz you ladies deserve it! Congrats on the awards! You deserve those too! Love ya!

  2. You better take lots of pics! So excited for you :) And congrats on winning those awards too!!!

  3. Congrats on the awards, and yay for having an awesome day!

    That story about the chocolate totally made me smile.


I love reading every comment! It gives me warm fuzzies inside!

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