i'm around

well, i am slacky miss slack slack right now.  :] please forgive me.
okay so i must ask, with half the month of September already gone how is everyone doing on the no soda kick

i for one am doing excellent with out it!  i haven't been craving the devilish Dr.Pepper not even once! it feels good knowing you don't really need it....why did i need it in the first place then? weird.

so what about the 100 workout?

has that been kicking your butt? it's still kicking mine. i need to step it up and do better, sure I'm doing it but there is always room for improvement, but i have gotten a lot better with the whole not wanting to pass out or dry-heaving after the work out. that seems to be gone now, THANK GOODNESS!

So whats going on....?
(besides my hideous fat lip from a ever growing cold sore. yeah seriously, ugh.)
  • Friday is my wonderful father birthday!!! and what is he doing for his big day...hiking.....the grand canyon....again! :] maybe I'll join you next year dad, I'm just not in any sort of shape for that challenge.

  • Saturday is my super awesome sister Mallory's birthday!!! I'm sorry but i can't seem to remember what year in your life this will be, lets just say......20 something and rockin it! YAY!

  • I don't think i've mentioned the fact that i have a brother currently serving a mission in Uruguay! Well i do and as of right now we will be graced with his presence, after TWO LONG YEARS, in a matter of about 6 weeks!! uh holy moly!! I was trying to figure out what was going to top the whole Ellen thing, cause i don't have very many SUPER exciting thing going on but i decided having my brother come home will definitely top that! :] i'm just super excited! if you couldn't tell.
Okay well i must scram you little rascals. Thank you for being awesome readers!!!

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  1. You're alive!!!!




    No soda has been wicked hard.
    I <3 Dr. Pepper and it loves me!!!!

    I actually haven't slipped that much.

    And, I'm glad you are sticking to the 100 workouts.

    I need to make time to get back into walking and working out.


    You should read it!

    Have a great Week!


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