So we are having our labor day weekend just a hop skip away in the nearby town of scottsdale.  Staying at a cute little place.  One really great thing about staying somewhere is you can turn the air down as cold as you want and not have the pay a dime for it.  oh its so nice to walk in the apartment at have it be below 70.  Makes the 110 weather outside a little more bearable. :)

How is everyone doing on the no soda?  I haven't caved. I won't cause i know if i do i'll have to say i did then i will kick myself because if it. I'm not wanting any sort of pain right now. 

Speaking of pain....100 Workouts?? anyone actually trying it? or at least tried it once? if you haven't do it!! :) 

oh and i'd like to mention that my inner emo has left me.  I knew it was going to be short lived, it was fun while it lasted.

my final hair transformation is complete. a little look that is called ombre. yeah its pretty awesome, and a lot of fun!

Did i mention how much i love getting my hair done??!?! Because its one of my favorite things. :)

i hope everyone has a wonderful safe labor day!!! Make its the best one yet!!


  1. I love your new hair :)

  2. now your ready for the ellen show:) im so excited

  3. you are freaking gorgeous! amazing hair, beautiful lipstick!

  4. I'm loving the change :) We don't drink much soda, so that's easy. Horchata might be a different story.

  5. I like this transformation!

    It's amazing!

    Hi I love your blog so I am passing on two awards to you!
    The versatile blogger award, and the irresistibly sweet blog award.

    Check out my blog post for details.


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