guest post of awesome

hello good people of blog land!

i know i haven't graced you with my awesome for a little while now but, i've been dealing with some sass talking girls over here, and now, as of this morning, one of them (evelyn) thinks they can cut hair and not just their own (little sister), yeah my girls don't have the best looking hair cuts on the block right now. oops.

if you are joining me from the lovely DianaPantz welcome welcome! thanks for stopping by, you stay classy.  Have a look around stay, laugh, join the club (i'm seriously working on the whole jacket thing)

if you don't know what i'm talking about from the previous paragraph go on over to HERE and check out a lovely little guest post i'm doing. :] it would please me so, if you would do that and show Diana some love!! She is super awesome!

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  1. haha I wanna see pictures of the girls hair! I'm nervous for Rylee to get into that stage of sass and cutting hair haha!


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