people of walmart

i have a story of a person you will not see on the website people of walmart.

it starts with last night...

around 9ish i was getting in bed (yes super early i know, i had a headache and decided to turn in early) when evelyn started to call my name.  i peek in and she is still sleeping so i go back to bed. About 20 mintues later she is standing next to me crying. I got up, brought her back to bed and asked her is she needed anything. (all the while i'm trying not to wake up the sleeping toddler inches away from me) she started complaining, i need medicine, so i check her head, ON FIRE, i feel her arms & legs, ON FIRE! uhh holy crap, so i get her cold water, a cold washcloth and some medicine. she wouldn't let me leave so i stayed with her for a couple hours till she was out. 

5:45am-  i get woken up by the little amelia going through my things on my side tale (its not even a table, it's a cardboard box, i'm cool). really amelia!? okay i get up turn a movie on, and go back to my bed. 10 minutes later evelyn comes screaming at me "i gotta throw up mom!" so we make it to the bathroom. she's freaking out. i got all the bed things and took her to the couch to watch the movie with sister. (who by the way is back asleep and now snoring)

I just want to go back to sleep, but i realize i have nothing to give my sick child. no crackers or special drinks. ugh. so i drive off to walmart at 6:30am.

first off i now know what its like to be in a fully stocked walmart. never seen it. it was awesome!  so i get all my things and i'm leaving, when the nicest greeter came up to me.  She had the biggest smile on her face and she waved and wished me a wonderful day.

WHAT?! I felt like i had just met Marty!  Just that simple smile and wave honestly made me feel better.  It could still be a great day even though my kid is sick. And it has been a great day.

Why can't people just smile more? I think it would make a big difference. 

Thats my story for the day. I hope you smile at someone today.  It might make someones life that much better. :)

seriously pick up this book, you will NOT regret it!!

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  1. Hope your wee-one is feeling better.

    I find a lot of solace going to Walmart really late at night, or early in the morning... when it's empty.

    Feels empowering. (Don't ask me why)


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