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I've been busy making and setting up some decorations for my favorite holiday ever, Halloween. you won't see me decorating for honestly any other holiday....maybe a tiny bit for Christmas.

i seriously love Halloween. greatest day of the year. i wanted to get married that day but i guess it wouldn't be the best anniversary with children (and i think it was like a Tuesday the year i got married), so i got married a few days before. :)

anyway, here is some progress of decorating. it will change many times before the big day. :)

the front door.
i know my wreath needs something else.
i just haven't figured that out just yet.
and i need more bats.

the front entry table.
its a work in progress.

did i mention how much i love this holiday. yeah it's the bomb.

now i'm just debating on what i'm going to be this year and my children too. hmmmmm....maybe minions? 


  1. It needs orange... tiny jack-o lanterns and some tiny skeletons. Yeah!

  2. Wow, that's pretty impressive :) I haven't even decorated our apartment. Heck, all of our stuff isn't even unpacked.

  3. Tiny skeleton hands or tiny zombie's!


    I love this holiday too!

  4. I'm planning on doing the bats on my door this year too!! I love it! (this is Melissa S by the way, new blog!)

  5. cutie cute cute! must run in the fam i always love kims halloween house:) the green is fun!~


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