story time

well folks its September. WOOT!

First off if you'd like to join my No Soda September let me know by checking yes or no in the little poll over here------------>>>>

I must say today is already a crazy one and its only 10am.  My girls have been getting up earlier than usual.  Yesterday, for instance they woke up of 5:30 and did not go back to sleep.  Today they got up around 6:30.

Seriously children, if you want a happy momma during the day you better stay in your little beds until at least 7:30 or 8.  Now that i'm not relying on soda, for my kick into gear in the morning, this is a warning you better sleep or i may just go a-wall.  yes, i just threatened, with my fist of fury in the air too. you betcha i'm that mom.

Besides getting up too darn early, the girls sharing a room is amazing!

Perk one: They go to bed at the same time now. YES!
Perk two: evelyn does not need the tv to fall asleep anymore. YES!
Perk three: they seem to be sleeping better. no waking up in the middle of the night. YES!
Perk four: they fall asleep every night to me reading them stories. YES!

I've always wanted to be a story reading mom, but they haven't wanted me to be, they would just yell and scream when i would start to read a story (evelyn is usually the one doing this).  Its nice to be something that i had only seen done in the movies.

PS. When evelyn saw my hair for the first time she said, " Mom, your hair is brown just like ME!! So pretty! (she pauses for a second and is staring at me) Wait, no mom, your hair is BLACK not like me!!!"

oh children.


  1. I wish Emry would get up 730a/8a on the weekends... it never happens.

    During the week, he is up by 535a and we are out the door by 630a.

    Such a sucky way to spend a week.

    Never ending weekends sound great to me!

  2. This made me laugh that she differeniated the hair colors haha :)

  3. HAHAHA! Silly girls. Well, since you're on the no soda kick, I should tell you an apple will wake you up just as well as a soda. I have tried it, and it is true. Do I do this? No. I love my soda. hahaha


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