alive....sort of

well, i made it through the weekend, not completely smooth though. wow.(this is a long one....i apologize I'm usually not this wordy)
Lets begin.

Right before bed Friday night Amelia threw up. It was sad :( So we knew that we would be getting up a few times in the middle of the night to help her.  Well little did we know that Amelia would think it would be a good idea to walk on over to Evelyn's bed and throw up on HER! So of course Evelyn and her gag reflexes had to kick in and she got sick too. Ugh.

I didn't get much sleep that night and i had to get up early to go to the store and clean before i left at 11.  Oh boy, so i started the wash, went to the store, got home, cleaned, Chris had to work on the back yard get it cleaned up, then i finally left to my Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary Party.

I love my family. We are a bunch of crazy Crandell's.  I didn't get to stay very long, but it was great to see some cousins, aunts and uncles, that i haven't seen in a long time.  I love it when family's can get together. So FUN.

I left and finally got home around 2ish. immediately started cleaning and getting things ready for a little McClellan family get together that was happening at my house that night.  Party started around 5ish and the house was packed.  i hope everyone had a great time. a lot of yummy food, fun, and just a good time, i think, i was running around, i think i sat down for 5 minutes tops just to eat a few bites of food.

The sad part is i think we got everyone sick.  I disinfected the entire house over and over again, every toy, nook and cranny, just in case my kids had something more than a weak stomach and tiredness, cause sometimes that's all it is, so i wanted to be safe.  I guess i was in the air too much cause almost everyone that went to the party has gotten sick.  I feel like a jerk, UGH!!

But my Sunday that was supposed to be spend recovering was spent in bed all day with a bad case of the flu or something.  Oh my goodness, i haven't been that sick for awhile, i guess it was my time. I'm finally starting to feel better today. Thank goodness, but now my sweet husband who took care of me all day yesterday is in our room laying in bed with the same thing.

Our house is in lock down for the next couple of days. So i will try to recover more today and hopefully all this sickness is behind us, cause Chris and i have a big day coming up this week and we can not be sick! 

We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary Thursday! AHHH!! madness i tell you! :)


  1. Awww!!!

    We've all gotten our entire families sick once or twice.... RIGHT?

    Feel better chica!

  2. Ohhh Erica! I'm so sorry you guys are sick! Let me know if I can help in any way. Feel better so you can have the BEST 5 year anniversary ever!

  3. So far I have escaped getting sick. I hope that it doesn't just hit me late or something. The house looked awesome and the food was great so thanks for squeezing us in to your already busy day! I hope that everyone feels better soon!

  4. I think we might have been exposed to something before we got to your house, because it was as we were leaving that Lydia started to complain. And Lydia told me about all these kids at school who had been sick, so I am guessing that is our culprit. I hope you guys feel better soon! And the party was fun. Thanks for hosting!

  5. So sorry that you all have e=been sick. I think whatever we had came before the party. thanks again for all that you did--it was wonderful! lots of love to all


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