shoe fly

I've got a couple of little characters.  My little one Amelia is as sweet as can be and has so many wonderful facial expressions, silly dance moves and noises she makes.

One thing that has always been apart of her though is her obsession with shoes.

it has already begun. her avid shoe obsession.  this now 22month old little girl(22month today, just realized as i was typing! yikes!) has a serious problem.

the shoes that she has been wanting to wear all the time lately are her cowgirl boots.  i got them a couple months back from the thrift store ($1.50 people, i was beyond excited!! yes!)

if i don't put her shoes on fast enough she has a complete melt down, the world is ending, kind of meltdown. 

I'm hoping this will pass soon cause i can only take so many meltdowns a day and I'm not a big fan of the show meltdown.

but look at the fun she has with her boots on. she was all tuckered out from riding her horse around the house, good thing it made for a fine sleeping buddy too. :)



    and she is adorable.

  2. She is already so Stylish!!! I love Her sleeping pose too... I wonder If she is dreaming about riding her horse in the wild west?

  3. oh sweet mia! Love her little boots :)

  4. Soooo cute! This is one of the many reasons i am thankful i have boys... too many accessories for girls!!!!


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