what's in a name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Well today I'm talking names. Today a person i know posted something on FB about names and the meaning behind them.  I don't remember taking the time to ever look up the meaning behind my children's name, till today.

Evelyn Dawn:
meaning-Evelyn: beautiful bird; Dawn: sunrise

Evelyn- We picked the name Evelyn because i really like the name Evie, which i heard from a movie, the main character's name in the movie The Mummy. I found out that Evie was short for Evelyn, and then i was hooked. I love it! So that's how Evelyn got her name.  I picked this name out years before i even had her. :)
Dawn- we couldn't really decide, so i threw out this name.  Its the girl spelling of my dads name (don).  I thought it was perfect.  I really didn't want my girls to have middle names anyway, cause i don't have one, but whatever. it's just a name and she can change it when she gets older.

Amelia Brooke:
meaning- Amelia: to strive, excel or rival; Brooke: small stream

Amelia- Well lets see we didn't really have any other girl names cause well we really wanted a boy(and we have a name for him whenever he does come or if he does).  My mom really wanted my sister to use this name for her daughter, so i knew my mom liked it.  When we found out it was a girl my sister mentioned this name, and i knew that was it!  You know there is also a couple of Amelia movies out there too! :) (just trying to keep the movie tradition alive) Then i remembered that my SIL real name happens to be that too. Yay so its a family name now too!
Brooke-  Again i was set on no middle name but i guess since one had one the other must have one too. Chris was in charge of this one. He just threw out a name and it sounded good. So that's how the middle name Brooke was born.

I thought that both the girls name we old fashioned and i really loved how they sound. And i think they fit together perfectly.

i don't think the meaning should be a determining factor to choosing a name.  you could name you child 'Paper' and they would live whatever life they were going to anyway.

Disclaimer: i wouldn't recommend naming your kid 'Paper'.  I could see come serious personal issues with this one. :)

oh and a side note:  My name (ERICA) means:always ruler.  I always knew i ruled! hahaha.


  1. yeah, i agree, who cares what your name means! and im not just saying that because my name means DOOMED! :(

  2. hahaha Mal thats funny your name means doomed! Anyways funny post! Love it!



  3. My name (Darci/Darcy) means Dark or Fortress, lol. I love looking up name meanings, and I think it's cool when they mean cool things, but I agree that it shouldn't be the determining factor when naming kids.
    Good post :-)

  4. bahahahah, my name means "of a ruling family" but the truth is... it was the name of the mean girl on dynasty, and my mom liked her. This post was cute, and i agree, dont name your kids based on a meaning. :)

  5. You SO rule!

    My name (Jenna) means "little bird." My kids' names mean "of noble strength" (Audrey) and "son of the marsh dwellers" (Carson). Obviously, meaning were not too important to me. But both my kids' middle names have a lot of family significance.


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