the simple things

its the simple things in life that make it great!

like for instance, my christmas present from last year, a new microwave, became a early anniversary present this year! haha. 

my husband finally got around to putting it up! yay!

it's so quiet and fancy. 

i am now aware even more, how dated the rest of our appliances are but thats okay with me.  One down, just a few more to go.

isn't it fancy!?

thank you honey for putting it up and for taking one for the team!

--he sliced is finger open while putting it up, and later on he went to urgent care. he's a trooper! --


  1. Ouch...that just sounds painful, it looks really nice though!

  2. ooooh...pretty appliance.

    I'm a sucker for new kitchen appliances and gadgets!

  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE it!! Poor Chris! Hope his finger is okay!


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