here comes the sun.

-i was under the impression that when the sun rose later in the day that my children would be able to sleep in just a tad bit more.  clearly when i dream of small things they are shattered.  I guess it doesn't matter when the sun comes up in this house now. arg.-

early morning rant over.
well its friday folks. you know what that means?!

i haven't the slightest idea.  Anyone have fun plans this weekend?  It's starting to get chilly outside --unless your in utah its a bit more than chilly :)-- any outdoor plans? 

i would like to take the children to a pumpkin patch or something fun like that. maybe Dewitt stables, i've heard that it's a super fun place.

well whatever y'all are doing i hope its a great weekend for you!

oh and head on over to page traveler tales, she is doing a great giveaway that you are not gonna want to miss!!



  1. haha that's funny! i'm on the same boat as you, just praying the kids will sleep longer because it's darker haha :)

  2. The rising sun kills my chances of Emry sleeping in at well.

    Stupid sun.


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