when is it appropriate for certain things?

like for instance......

a movie. 

The Nightmare before Christmas to be exact.

when is is appropriate to watch this, before Halloween or right before Christmas??

it could be both, but i guess its just how you see it. 

how soon is too soon to start watching Christmas movies?  does it need to be December or can November be okay cause that's when people start things about Christmas? right after thanksgiving? 

I'm not sure why i am even talking about this.  I'm just curious to see what other people do. 

when would you watch that movie?  how soon do you start with your Christmas/holiday movie watching/decorating/planning? 

sorry, I'm just being really random and boring, cause I'm bored out of my mind right now.


  1. personally i feel that any time is a good time to watch "nightmare"! however, it's especially good at BOTH halloween & christmas time. even though i love christmas & could care less about thanksgiving (yes it's nice to give thanks & the likes but the feast doesn't do anything for me), i can't start decorating or getting into the festive spirit until after thanksgiving

  2. I've never been a fan of "nightmare".
    Don't know why.. just never got it I guess...

    But, I think it covers both holidays.

    I've started planning for the Thanksgiving/Christmas Holidays now... Yup, did you know x-mas is 69 days away.

    Going crazy already.


  3. I say whenever you feel like watching them then watch them! I typically don't watch/listen/decorate etc until December for Christmas but that's just me!!

  4. I think that the movie fits both holidays equally well, so basically whenever you want to watch it, watch it!

    I don't think it is too early to start planning for Christmas. I have already started buying Christmas gifts because then it spreads out the buying and it doesn't hurt the budget so much because it is already spread out!

    I typcially don't listen to Christmas music until November because that is me. I can't decorate until after Thanksgiving because my husband would freak out if I did it any earlier.

    So, that is my 2 cents. :)


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