Today we are celebrating, and remembering the past 5 years.

On this day on 2006 i was wed to my husband for this life and the eternities.

It was exciting and fun. The planning, the dress, the festivities, but i didn't really care all that much about it.  I've never been one for a big hoopla or being the center of attention, don't get me wrong i love me a good party (and planning for other people, not for me), and the reception seemed to be great, but i just wanted to get married and start my life.

I was looking forward to being a wife, having children, having a little family of my own. It's what i wanted, and it's what i have.

These past five years have given me so many wonderful things, and i hope i was able to return the favor too.

5 reason why i love you:
  •  you always know how to make me laugh.
  •  you tell me everyday that you love me.
  •  you check up on me to see if i'm doing okay.
  •  you listen to what i have to say.
  •  you tell long, complicated stories and i don't think you realize how long they really are. it's cute & i laugh :)

Happy Anniversary Husband!

your wifey


  1. Yay! Happy birthday, you guys! Crazy that time passes so quickly these days... we're coming up on four years this Dec and I can hardly believe it! Have a great time celebrating :-D

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!! Have a wonderful day!


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