well, if i don't survive today i wanted you to know that i love you all. :)
today is a busy busy day. starting off early and ending late.

don't get me wrong i know it's going to be super fun, but just busy, and long, and tiring.  wish me luck!  :)

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Any fun plans??

I'll have plenty to post about on Monday, I'll still be recovering on Sunday, this i know for sure!

have a good one!!

I leave you all with this adorable picture of my nieces, nephews and my children watching Charlie Brown: The Great Pumpkin and snacking on Popsicles!

Puts a big smile on my face every time i look at it!!

 Amelia, Evelyn, Hanna, Brinlee, Rigden, Tillman, Easton & baby Rylee on Amy's lap!
(left to right)


  1. I LOVE THIS! HE HE! it was funny how after they finished there Popsicle they all got up and left!!

  2. Oh so cute!!!! All the cuzes! May need to steal this pic!


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