During the holiday's there are way to many good things to eat
going around, and i try to keep things in check, but it sure is hard.
so about 2 weeks ago i found this awesome website and i'll never go back.

i've never done anything like this before.
i'm sure that some or all have heard of this little beauty.
if you haven't i hope you'll be as excited as i was when i saw it.
the best part, is it has a free app for my phone too, so i can keep track all the time.
this site helps you keep track of what you eat,
and total calories you take in everyday.
it also records excersises you do and the calories burned that day.
it's simple, but it has been a real help.
however i never eat much, so my body always seems to be in starvation mode so it stores fat rather then getting rid of it.
so my challenge right now is to eat enough calories in a day so that does not happen.  who knew that eating would be so hard, when i love it so much.
i have my fun little counter on the side bar so y'all can keep track with me, and it makes sure i keep up with it when i know others are looking.
i'm sure some days will be better than others but i'm exciting to keep this up. especially during the "treats" season.
if you want check it out.
it is so easy!!

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  1. I have a MyPitnessPal too. Your weight loss tracker doesn't tell me your username for that. Mine is seasonalspice.


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