here come santa clause

we took the children to see Santa again this year at bass pro shop.
by far the greatest santa experience out there. please go asap. last year was long and the girls were tired and cranky, this year hardly any wait, they were excited and laughing and there was so many other things to do and see.

this year was really fun.

we love taking a video of the run to santa, this year mia was excited but then she wasn't so sure about what was happening.

they had so much fun!
the picture that the shop took of them was so funny!
evelyn has the best cheese smile ever!
i'll scan it in the computer and


  1. HA! That picture of Evelyn looks like she was either yelling with joy or hissing at you hahaha! What cute nieces I have!!

  2. That's so funny we just took Rig and Ry there last night!! I'm glad the girls had a good time, they are so cute!


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