We celebrated Amelia's birthday on Friday because Saturday i hosted a baby shower for my SIL at my house, (pictures forthcoming) so it was too crazy for many birthday celebrations that day.

About a month ago i got a great deal from Groupon.  2 for the price of 1 admission($7) to the Children's Museum in down town Mesa. groupon had sent me 15 dollars to use toward a groupon so i bought two.  So we used those FREE passes that i "bought" and celebrated with an afternoon at the museum!

It was so much fun!  Amelia had the time of her life, and Evelyn did as well.

They just played and played and ran around and got super tired. Mia took a great nap that afternoon, she was so tired she put herself down for a nap in her bed.

I could write more but reading alone is sometimes boring, you need pictures to capture all the excitement.

we were first timers at the Museum
and we will be making more trips back.

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