looking back

As the year is up i went back through the posts from this year and found which ones you liked the most.

The top TEN most liked post of 2011.
(not including the giveaway post, cause people like those a lot.) :)

before we get to the top 10, some Honorable mentions.
I linked each one so you can go back and check out all of this years favorites. :)

Now on to the top 10!

[i kinda miss my blond hair, but then again i don't like to have to get it done so often.]
[this was one long crazy week/weekend, i'm sure there will be many more where this came from]
[one of my favorite post. i wear those earrings all the time, but i'm not sure if people notice. maybe you should start looking. :)]
[i love making these weird type of pictures. i should post all the ones i made when i was away at college. hilarious!]
[honestly this is one of my personal favorites. for obvious reasons! i love my family.]
[one of the greatest vacations i have been on hands down. it was so fun to spend the weekend with my mom and sisters. i know we'll do something like this again, just maybe not ellen, but who knows.]

4. weirded out
[what do boob and feet have in common. find out]

[i can't even tell you how happy i was to finish this. it makes me so happy to be in my kitchen!]
[i can see why you all would like this one, cause you all want my husband, yeah admit it. you know you do. hahaha :)]

and finally the one you've all been waiting for.....

[really? well i can see why cause people get sent to my sight when they google, emo moms. hahaha. its all good.]

Thanks for making this year of blogging to much fun and worth it!
I appreciate every view & comment you give me!

Thanks for being such great peeps!
Thanks for sticking with me through my craziness.
I'm sure fun stuff will be happening this next year!

Have a great New Years!


[good job momma]

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  1. I love this and your joy and enthusiasm!!



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