what up? phone.

It's Wednesday

so it's time to check out what my phone captured this last week!

there is quite a few.
all blog worthy of course.


 i love catching Evelyn playing with her barbies and barbie house, probably just as much as.....

 catching ken being demoted from the party to the patio, getting a tan with corn feet.... what's with the corn feet Evelyn?

 princess dress up time means to look like little orphan children.

bass pro shop carousel. i got really dizzy, but it was really pretty and fun so its okay.
 evelyn seeing santa again at our ward christmas party, she was first in line, she was so excited!

 this is me on the way to my families annual christmas/white elephant christmas party.

 and this is what happens after a fun party with your family. my extra weirdness always comes out.  i wish i had a pic of my whole outfit. i'll get that from my sister and put it up. it's awesome!

 yeah this is how we roll.
don't worry girls its not that cold, just put some socks on and a sweater and you are set.
what? your legs are getting cold?
you'll live.
 our giant kitty. Buddha.
he's about the size of mia and she is trying to pic him up.

i saved the best for last!
 i stayed up till 2:30 this morning making about 40+ cinnamon rolls!
i made them for my husbands awesome team at work. i hope they like them. it was a labor of love. i almost feel asleep a few times.
this is this morning when i could finally eat my hard work.

sooooooo yummy!!!

i have a few leftover.....any takers??
i'm more than happy to share.
but don't worry, i'm making them again in a few days.

what sort of fun did you capture this week?

have a great wednesday!


  1. Love the pictures, especially love the picture of you being Roxanna from India haha! hilarious!!!

    ps thanks for watching the kiddos friday-much appreciated!!

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